What does the BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) involve?

The BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) will take contractors approximately 30 minutes to complete and consists of 10 multiple choice, true/false and multi-mark questions that require a 100% pass mark.

After successfully completing their induction, your employee will receive their BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) certificate with their Onsite (contractor) ID number on it. Their profile in the Onsite Track Easy database will also list their new competencies and their Contractor (Onsite) ID card will be mailed to their company’s address for site access. Contractors must carry this card with them at all times on site at BHP Mt Arthur Coal.

Until their card arrives, contractors may access site by manually providing their Onsite ID number, displayed on their certificate, provided they have completed all necessary inductions.