STAGE 2: WORKER REGISTRATION (click to expand)

Please do not proceed to this stage until you have been notified that your business registration is complete. You will receive an email from Pegasus when this is finalised.

Step 1 > Register your business details in the BHP Mt Arthur Coal Role Portal

Click the REGISTER WORKERS button at the top of the page to find the system.

> Start by selecting the country your business operates in, and then search for your ABN

> Enter contact details, including email and business address and phone number

> Select Request Registration to have the business registration verified and be emailed login details

Already have an account? Click Back to login above Business Details Registration.

If your business is already registered and you do not have an account, click Request Access. This request will be sent to the person currently listed as the business administrator for approval.

The next steps are to add your workers to ensure their compliance to work for BHP Mt Arthur Coal.

Step 2 > Add your workers

Now your business is registered, you can login and add your workers in the system! You’ll start by selecting Manage Roles and then Add New Employee. From here you can enter and save their personal contact details, address, phone and a unique email address.

Step 3 > Pay for worker registration and access card

With your workers in the system, you can pay for their registration and order their access ID cards to work for BHP Mt Arthur Coal.

Initial worker registration costs $100 + GST per person for:

– Registration

– Role management

– Document verification

– Access ID card

Annual support and maintenance costs $30 + GST per person. A tax invoice will be supplied on payment.

Step 4 > Add roles and upload documents

Next select your worker’s name to Add New Role and choose the role/s they’ll perform for BHP Mt Arthur Coal.

You are required to select a role from one of these categories:

Mechanical and Electrical Roles requiring specific training needs and an Appointment Letter (details below)

Apprentice Roles requiring an Appointment Letter (details below)

MAC Worker a generic role requiring no specific training

Thiess Worker roles selected if your worker will be entering the MAC / Thiess shared zone ONLY

You will find details about these roles on the Help and Resources page.

For each role, you’ll be prompted to upload:

– A photo

– Proof of ID

– Letters of Competency

– Letter of Appointment (Mechanical and Electrical Roles only)


There are a number of appointed roles for Mechanical, Electrical and Apprentice positions at BHP Mt Arthur Coal which require a Letter of Appointment competency.

How to get an Appointment Letter

Collect the following documents for each worker who holds a Mechanical, Electrical or Apprentice position at BHP Mt Arthur Coal:

• A completed Contractor Appointment Form
• A recent (less than three months old) Letter of Competency:

• on company letterhead with details (ABN, address, contact information)
• include worker’s name
• detail the work they’re authorised to perform at BHP Mt Arthur Coal
• signed by a senior manager at your company

Email these documents to:

If your documents are satisfactory, you’ll be emailed the approved Appointment Letter, which you’ll be prompted to upload in the CMS. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive an Appointment Letter.

This process no longer includes appointments for Supervisors. This will be completed via the MAC-STE-PRO-126 Nomination, Appointment and Practicing Certificate Procedure. Please contact your contract owner for a copy of this document.


There is a provision in all roles to upload Optional Documents to be verified by Pegasus as per BHP’s Business Rules. Once approved, the documents will be registered in BHP’s Global LMS system. See list of Optional Documents below:

    • Mining.-.NEC Work Safely at Heights
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class C1 (Slewing Crane < 100T)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class C2 (Slewing Crane < 20T)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class C6 (Slewing Crane < 60T)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class CN (Non-slewing Crane)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class C0 (Slewing Crane > 100T)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class DG (Dogging)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class LF (Forklift)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class RA (Rigging Advanced)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class RB (Rigging Basic)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class RI (Rigging Intermediate)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class SA (Scaffolding Advanced)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class SB (Scaffolding Basic)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class SI (Scaffolding Intermediate)
    • Mining.-.NEC HRWL Class WP (Elevated Work Platform)
    • Mining.-.NEC Confined Space – Basic
    • Mining.-.NEC Confined Space – Advanced
    • Mining.-.NEC SOA Perform rescue from a live LV panel
    • Mining.-.NEC MDG25 Awareness Training
    • Mining.-.NEC Australian Rope Access Technician – Level 1
    • Mining.-.NEC Australian Rope Access Technician – Level 2
    • Mining.-.NEC Australian Rope Access Technician – Level 3

Pegasus validates documents and applies roles

Pegasus will validate the documents you’ve uploaded for your workers during registration. You’ll be emailed if there are any issues and given a chance to update the information. Upon document approval, the roles will be applied to your workers in the system and their access ID cards printed and sent.

You may also wish to invite your registered employees to the Worker Portal, where they can manage their own compliance. Simply select the Invite Employee option from their profile. Visit the Worker Portal page for more information.

Step 5 > BHP Global LMS

Once worker registration is complete, their details will be automatically updated in the BHP Global LMS. Your worker will receive an email to their unique address (provided in Step 2) with their BHP Global LMS login details.

The BHP Global LMS can be found here:

The worker’s user ID will be NEC followed by their Pegasus ID number. For more information about browser compatibility, please visit the Help and Resources page > BHP Global LMS.

Once logged in to the BHP Global LMS, the worker can access training specific to their role.

Inductions include the following modules.

Valid for five years:

– BHP Billiton Asset Induction

– BHP Billiton Site Induction

– BHP Billiton Field Leadership – Overview

– BHP Billiton Field Leadership – Take Time Talk

– BHP Ground Control Awareness

– BHP Mental Health Induction

– BHP PHMP Air Quality, Dust & Other Airborne Contaminants

Yearly requirement:

BHP Code of Business Conduct (current year)

Fatigue Management (current year)

For help in the BHP Global LMS, complete this web form or contact your contract owner.

Step 6 > Medical requirements

After completing all the steps to register your worker in the Contractor Management System, you must ensure their medical requirements have been met. Please click to read the BHP Mt Arthur Coal Contractor Medical Requirements to complete your registration. For more information about what medicals look like and what to look for, review the Medicals Quick Reference Guide.

Workers are required to declare medications to Mt Arthur Coal in line with MAC-STE-STD-193 Medication Declaration Standard, using MAC-STE-FRM-289 Medication Declaration Form, please contact your Site Supervisor for a copy of the form or download from Tempo.

Step 7 > VoC (Verification of Competency) Process and Form

The following form is completed by the contractor to verify their experience and knowledge by providing the following evidence:

    • selecting equipment to be operated from a drop-down list,
    • attaching evidence of use – as proof,
    • working through a mandatory MAC reading list for compliance, and
    • submitting a signed copy of the form to the MAC Trainer and Assessor team for validation

Click on the following links to access the form and How to Guide:

It’s important that you keep your company and worker’s details up to date.