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Documents required to apply for approval to complete the BHP Site Induction (Contractors Appointment)

If your employee works in:

  • electrical, mechanical or supervisory role
  • is a Mechanical and Electrical Apprentice
  • is an Electrical Trade Assistant

To receive an approved Appointment Letter to upload to complete the BHP Site Induction (Contractors Appointment), you must first collect and complete the following documents for each employee:

  1. Download and complete this Contractor Appointment Form
  2. Collect the competencies required by role at BHP Mt Arthur Coal. Click to view the competencies required to work at BHP Mt Arthur Coal.
  3. A recent (less than three months old) Statement of Competency. This statement must:
    – be on company letterhead with details (ABN, address, contact information)
    – include employee’s name
    – detail the work the employee is authorised to perform at Mt Arthur Coal
    – be signed by a senior manager at your company

Email these documents to:

If BHP Mt Arthur Coal is satisfied with your supplied documentation, you’ll be emailed the approved Appointment Letter, which you’ll be prompted to upload as part of the booking process for this induction.

Please allow up to 10 working days for Appointment Letter approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if I need to register my company and book inductions for my employees?

All contractors working at BHP Mt Arthur Coal must be registered with the Pegasus Safety Inductions Booking Portal and their employees must successfully complete these inductions before starting work on site:

  • BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors)
  • BHP Site Induction (Contractors Appointment/No Appointment) completed if a contractor does NOT hold a valid Maintenance and/or CHPP Plant Induction
  • BHP Field Leadership – Overview
  • BHP Field Leadership – Take Time Talk
  • BHP Code of Business Conduct – Core Training
  • BHP Ground Control Awareness
  • BHP Mental Health Induction
  • BHP Fatigue Management

Completion of these inductions ensures the safety and compliance of contractors working at BHP Mt Arthur Coal, reducing risk and helping manage our shared duty of care.

Please visit the Safety Induction Booking process page for details.

What is the process for re-induction contractors?

If your employee’s Mt Arthur Coal Surface Induction or BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) has expired or is expiring, you will need to follow the process outlined on the Safety Induction Booking process page to ensure they hold the correct competencies to keep working on site.

How much do BHP Mt Arthur Coal inductions cost?

  • BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) | $100 + GST includes:
    • BHP Site Induction (Contractors Appointment/No Appointment) completed if a contractor does NOT hold a valid Maintenance and/or CHPP Plant Induction
    • BHP Field Leadership – Overview
    • BHP Field Leadership – Take Time Talk
    • BHP Code of Business Conduct – Core Training
  • BHP Ground Control Awareness |  $10 + GST
  • BHP Mental Health Induction | $10 + GST
  • BHP Fatigue Management |  $10 + GST

How long are BHP Mt Arthur Coal Inductions (Contractors) valid for?

Valid for five years:
  • Asset Induction ($100 + GST) which includes:
    • Site Induction
    • Field Leadership – Overview
    • Field Leadership – Take Time Talk
  • Ground Control Awareness ($10 + GST)
  • Mental Health Induction ($10 + GST)
Yearly requirement:
  • Code of Business Conduct – Core Training (cost included in Asset Induction)
  • Fatigue Management  ($10 + GST)

What does the BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) involve?

The BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) will take contractors approximately 30 minutes to complete and consists of 10 multiple choice, true/false and multi-mark questions that require a 100% pass mark.

After successfully completing their induction, your employee will receive their BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) certificate with their Onsite (contractor) ID number on it. Their profile in the Onsite Track Easy database will also list their new competencies and their Contractor (Onsite) ID card will be mailed to their company’s address for site access. Contractors must carry this card with them at all times on site at BHP Mt Arthur Coal.

Until their card arrives, contractors may access site by manually providing their Onsite ID number, displayed on their certificate, provided they have completed all necessary inductions.

What benefit does the BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) have for employees?

The induction ensures your employees are safe and qualified to be on our site, reducing risk.

The online BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) replaces the previous face-to-face Mt Arthur Coal Surface Induction.

Who do I contact if I have questions about booking BHP Billiton inductions?

You can contact the Pegasus Inductions team on 1300 306 384 during business hours or email

What if I have problems logging in with my user name and password?

Please ensure you are copying and pasting exactly from the email you receive. If you still can’t login, please email

What documents do I need to upload in the portal to book the induction?

Depending on their inductions, you may be prompted to upload the documents below for your employee when booking their training. Please note not all of these are mandatory:

  • Proof of identity
  • Statement of competency
  • Appointment Form (if required)
  • Qualifications (depending on role)
  • Other certificates (depending on Statement of Competency)

What if I haven’t received my contractor card yet?

Pegasus prints and dispatches contractor cards daily. Should you not receive your card from Australia Post within 10 working days, please check that you entered your company’s postal address correctly when registering your employee. Contact Pegasus on 1300 306 384 or email if you need more information.

Contractors may access BHP Mt Arthur Coal after they’ve completed all required inductions and before their card arrives by using their Onsite ID number, which is displayed on their certificate after they complete their induction.

What if I’m a BHP Mt Arthur Coal employee?

New BHP Mt Arthur Coal employees will be registered and must also complete the online BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Employees) before starting work.

Please speak to your manager or administrator to arrange booking your induction.

Your administrator can follow the steps in this PDF guide to book your BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Employees): BHP Billiton Booking Inductions MAC ADMIN_Portal User Guide

What training is required for working in Pit Areas?

Those working in Pit Areas must complete the Ground Control Awareness training.

Company administrators are to book their employee’s training through the Pegasus Safety Inductions Booking portal.

Employees will then contact their Supervisor or Superintendent at site, where they will complete the online awareness training using Mt Arthur Coal’s computer system.