Mt Arthur Coal Inductions

About Safety Induction Bookings

Inductions a contractor needs to work at BHP Mt Arthur Coal

  • BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors)
  • BHP Site Induction (Contractors Appointment/No Appointment) completed if a contractor does NOT hold a valid Maintenance and/or CHPP Plant Induction
  • BHP Field Leadership – Overview
  • BHP Field Leadership – Take Time Talk
  • BHP Code of Business Conduct – Core Training
  • BHP Ground Control Awareness
  • BHP Mental Health Induction
  • BHP Fatigue Management

Contractors who wish to work at BHP Mt Arthur Coal must complete the inductions above before coming to site.

The online BHP Billiton Asset Induction (Contractors) replaces the previous face-to-face Mt Arthur Coal Surface Induction. It costs $100 + GST per person and is booked through the Pegasus Safety Inductions Booking Portal. Once the administrator has booked their employees into the induction, they will be sent details and a link to send to their employee to complete the induction online.

At the successful completion of the training, the employee will be issued the induction competency, now visible on their profile in the Onsite Track Easy database.

If your employee has NOT completed the Maintenance and CHPP Plant Inductions (or these inductions have expired), you will next book the BHP Site Induction (Contractors Appointment/No Appointment). The BHP Site Inductions replace the Maintenance and CHPP Plant Inductions.

If your employee works in an electrical, mechanical or supervisory role, or is a Mechanical and Electrical Apprentice or Electrical Trade Assistant, they’ll need an Appointment Letter before you can book them into the BHP Site Induction. Other roles do not require an appointment letter. Visit the Safety Inductions Booking process page for details.

You will finally book your employees into these online inductions which they must also complete before coming to site:

  • BHP Code of Business Conduct – Core Training
  • BHP Field Leadership – Overview
  • BHP Field Leadership – Take Time Talk
  • BHP Ground Control Awareness ($10 + GST)
  • BHP Mental Health Induction ($10 + GST)
  • BHP Fatigue Management ($10 + GST)

Click to learn more about the Safety Induction Booking process.


Pegasus creates services and solutions for contractor engagement and workforce management. Their Safety Inductions Booking Portal is where BHP Mt Arthur Coal contractors register their company and book their employees into inductions before starting work on site.

The complete Pegasus contractor management solution is called Onsite Track Easy. A real-time online contractor management solution, Onsite:

  • provides immediate access to data on contractors
  • manages all training and inductions
  • administers contractor and supplier compliance and pre-qualification documents
  • manages the qualifications and competency, including licences and medicals, of all workers involved in a project
  • awards accreditation upon successful completion of inductions and assessments
  • provides tools for audit, investigation and inspection of contractors
  • offers online and call centre support
  • manages contractor performance over term of their contract